Thessaloniki Semantic Web Meetup

Thessaloniki Semantic Web meetup is an informal group of people -researchers and practinioners- who are interested in Semantic Web and  live and work in Thessaloniki.

The meetup is a member of, a global alliance of communities interested in Semantic Web, sponsored by SemTech 2010.

It acts as a forum for getting together and exchange ideas and experiences on the Semantic Web and related topics, technologies and tools. There are meetings every 2 months where various topics are discussed and members give presentations of their work on projects related to Semantic Web and/or involved technologies.

The first meetup took place last November while in the second one, last January, Mike Salampasis presented the SeeBrowser, a semanticaly enhanced browser for visually impaired people.

Currently the meetup has 20 members mostly from the Academic institutions of the city but also from the IT sector.

Next meeting is planned for March 23 where Vangelis Vassiliadis will present Thea, a Prolog library for OWL2 ontologies.


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